Queen of the Seas


Phoenician Tyre was queen of the seas, an island city of unprecedented splendor. this city grew wealthy from its far-reaching colonies and its industries of purple-dyed textiles. But it also attracted the attention of jealous conquerors among them the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar and Alexander the Great.

When you visit Lebanon, it is a must to visit Tyre . A famous cities in the world known  for its role in the Phoenician era. In addition, the establishment of commercial settlements around the Mediterranean,  spread of religions in the ancient world, and the establishment of the Carthage settlement, Macedonian.

you must visit Tyre’s ancient sites, the port and make a tour by boat as well as the old souk.



A street extending from the government branches to Al-Fanar is the lung of the Christians in Tyre. In this area, there is a humble port called “the Sidonian Port” because it is to the north facing Sidon. A little bit further, there is a Christian Quarter.

It is a beautiful area with narrow streets, traditional houses and two towers. The first one is in a small garden, and the second near the lighthouse.

The street is hosted by the Church of  the Lady of the Sea and the oldest craft of the wooden craft industry. It was called “Rashid Nakhla Street”, the author of the Lebanese national anthem, who lived in the “old house of Salha”.

The street is a new suit dominated by colors that are consistent with the history of the neighborhood and its old houses built with sandstone. just have a look for the breathtaking pictures below.

 Incredible place for photo sessions


The idea of ​​embellishing the neighborhood came after the completion of the infrastructure work.

this idea came in the framework of the second phase of the “Cultural Heritage Project” and after the initiative of one of the owners of the old houses with the restoration of his house at the entrance to the street.

at the quarter there, you can find some hotels and restaurants for tourists as well as for Lebanese to enjoy a beautiful night by the sea.





While roaming around this beautiful quarter , a hidden small workshop is located at the entrance of the church, where you can find a lovely woman displaying her simple and creative work.


” ALL YOU NEED IS CATURDAY” , it is the precious t-shirt i ever buy, it means a lot to me,because when i wear it, i remember my cat “POLO”. our tour was around Tyre streets,port and souks, i wear comfy clothes with my best running shoes.

Hijab : Pieces

T-shirt: Bershka

Shirt: Koton

Pants: Zara ” Mom Fit”

Shoes: Skechers


Little angel ” my niece “

Little brother 

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