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Makeup is not a natural beauty, since the real beauty remain in the essence of every one of us. We are all beautiful from inside, and our inner beauty will reflect the outside. This kind of fake beauty is useful in different occasions, and the main reason rely behind it, is that it changes the mood for better. I really wish to go back 3 years ago when putting makeup was once a month or when I have a wedding or engagement. But time changes, and we have to deal with this change. Sometimes we need that type of magic to cover our bad skin due to stress, depression, and many different reasons.

There are many brands ,so we should be careful what type to use to avoid skin problems. Makeup users agrees that qualities of some brands is beneficial for all skin types especially those who have sensitive skin just like mine. I prefer to use the quality in order to avoid any skin problem. Some of collection are gifts from my sister, others I bought them.  I have Nyx, Sephora, Clinique,benefit huda beauty, estee lauder, max factor, rimmel, silky girl, cartice, golden rose, provoc, etc.

check below some of my beauty collection 

  Wish List Collection

wish list makeup set

when i wish a makeup list it will be like the picture above, a huge set of brushes, all types of foundations,lipsticks , eye shadows, highlighters . i wish to have a full makeup set that is beautiful. besides, we all agree that there are some brands that have a beautiful collection that is unknown well, i wish to find these brands and make it known her at my blog.

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