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My Wish List Fashion Wardrobe


My Fashion Wardrobe

Fashion is an ART, it is not how to dress and impress people, but  how you deal with new trends and  use your own touch in everything. When it comes to women, most of them have addiction to  “clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, etc.” it is a mutual habit, they cannot avoid it. the first way to achieve my ultimate satisfaction  is to get a triple size of this wardrobe shown above. To be realistic it is not my only ultimate satisfaction, but to this extent I am a fashion addict.

My wardrobe

mixed of different styles for all seasons. For me, I don’t have a certain style to wear, I used to wear any style that catch my attention, I wear pants, skirts, dresses, heels, all colors that is acceptable for eyes and heart ( certain colors may damage your sight due to the bad merge of colors).sometimes I feel like I am opening my wardrobe for the first time ,since I merge like different styles that come randomly and they fit with each other , off course I feel excited because I have that sense of fashionista.

It is not an essential thing to buy a full outfit every time you went shopping since you might spend your money from the first shopping trip -yes it is a trip, because we feel like we are going to a beautiful place to enjoy every moment-, I might buy pants for a shirt I had before, or vice versa, the pants could be brand and the skirt could be from any shop that sell a stylish things to wear without paying too much for the whole outfit. You all can mix between the expensive, less expensive and the least expensive but put on your mind to reach one result “Perfect Outfit”.

Coats” it’s Winter Mood”



i used to buy coats with basic colors( black, dark blue, brown, beige) and try to diversify with my shirts ,pants and shoes. i rarely go for the bright colors unless it looks weird and trendy ,then i’ll buy it .


Blazers ” Stay Chic Mood”


A blazer should be  in every girl’s wardrobe, it is so much more than an item of clothing that can be worn in a professional setting. They’re a lot more versatile than something you pair with trousers or a skirt! besides the chic mood, I love wearing my blazer with jeans  – it dresses them up and adds a feeling of chic sophisticationA structured blazer  can make any outfit look more glam. I used to wear blazers for my job with a formal outfit, but if i want to break this formality once I’m outing alone,with friends,or family  i wear it with a jeans and running shoes.

you can wear blazer during all seasons, you can use it instead of jacket during the autumn or winter season, and instead of cardigan during summer season



It’s Autumn Mood 

this wardrobe mixed of many autumn clothes types ( cardigans , dresses, shirts,jackets)

Cardigan ” Its relaxing Mood”


Cardigans seems too relaxed, you can found it in every woman closet whether it is long,medium or short length,i used to wear it during summer season when i cannot  deal with the hot weather temperature, all i can do is to search for a comfy cardigan with a long and big size.

All the Year ” It’s Pants Mood”


if It fits you,if the color of pants complements you, if  style matches your age and body , own it. I have different types of pants ( Straight pants,wide leg trouser, legging, jeans,etc).

check the second picture to the left side, the wide and comfy pants i used to wear during summer. i wear these pants with a one color simple shirt or short length cardigan.

to the right side, the formal pants, i used to wear it  with blazers or formal Shirt for work and meeting. at the bottom  the jeans type not for daily use but i wear it more than the other types, sometimes i break the sport look  with a blazer from the top.


All Day All Night” It’s Shirts Mood”




 i wear shirts in all seasons but it depends on the type of outfit you are wearing. there is casual, formal and sport style. so you must choose the color of the shirt the fits your outfit.


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