Hijab Styles and Types

What Hijab to wear and When?

there are many hijab styles and types, women who wear hijab, asks several questions, for example, material of this hijab? And when to wear it?

The answer is, it depends on the type of cloth you wear and the kind of occasion” daily use, wedding, engagement, university or work”. We have different hijab material, it is expected to continue to grow with the advancement in clothing trend, following types of hijab material “Chiffon, Cotton , Silk, Polyester, Hycon, Jersey, Voile ,Knit, Lycra ,Rayon, and Viscose ,etc. I will post hijab materials that I have in my wardrobe.

Hijab Materials, characteristics, and when to wear it:


  1. Chiffon hijab:

It is made from raw material mixture between cotton fiber, silk and synthetic fiber. It is simply elegant and useful during a hot summer, it is very slippery, and some of girls who wear chiffon hijab prefer to wear a cotton headpiece under it. Chiffon hijab is so soft and silky, it adds a beautiful touch to the cloth especially the soft colors (beige, nude pink, etc.)

When to wear Chiffon Hijab:

  • Fancy occasions “wedding, engagements, birthdays, etc.”
  • work outfits
  • photo sessions


  1. Cotton hijab:

Known for its versatility, performance, and natural comfort, it is for daily use, it does not easily tangle and can be set up with many different styles.

When to wear Cotton Hijab:

  • Daily use Hijab “university, schools, sport, travel, etc.
  1. Lycra Hijab:

This type is my comfy hijab style, it is known by its elasticity of spandex rubber. It is easy to maintain, to wear and easy during washing.


When to wear Lycra Hijab:

  • If you have the lycra hijab with a silk shine type , it is useful for occasions “wedding engagement, birthdays, etc.”
  • Lycra matte hijab is for daily use and it is the most comfy hijab material that I ever wear.
  1. Polyester Hijab :

It is an eye-catching on look, but for me it is not easy to wear at all, it is not for daily use, I use it only during occasions and I prefer to wear it during night occasions, although when I wear polyester hijab it looks very catchy and classy, but I used to pin it from all sides in order not to fall down from my head.

When to Wear Polyester Hijab:

  • Occasions “ wedding, engagements, birthdays, etc”.
  1. Silk hijab :

Comfortable to wear, it is also easy to create different styles to make it more beautiful, simple and suitable for different occasions.


 Hijab type in the middle is chiffon

When to Wear Silk Hijab:

  • Wedding, engagements, birthdays, etc.
  • Party
  • Dinner


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