When in doubt, wear Forever 21 Outfit

Will you try to add more colors in your wardrobe in the future?


“When in doubt, match the colors”

there is no rule that says ” you look good in certain color”, or “some colors do not fit your skin color or body”, everyone can match colors and styles that can be perfect on body, just believe in yourself.



you can fill your wardrobe with many colors, but try to match these colors in order to keep your outfit stylish and attractive. some people have no idea how to match the shirt color with the pants or  hijab, the most difficult part comes when you have to match your hijab with your outfit.

how i matched this outfit 

when i opened my wardrobe to chose my outfit for this photosession, i chose the shirt and cardigan from ” forever 21″ , when i brought them, i draw the outfit style on my mind, a white shirt with a red brick cardigan will be suitable with a navy blue pants. as for the hijab, i chose to wear also a navy blue hijab in order to break the red brick cardigan . you can wear a red brick hijab, but it will look  peaky, because you will find no hijab that have the same color of the cardigan, so to avoid this problem, it is better to wear hijab that match the pants color.


First look: i chose to wear “ forever 21 sandals” which is related to the orange family, it is suitable with this outfit, you can wear also navy blue shoes but the shoes and pants will look as one part.

forever 21 cardigan

Bershka cross body bag looks perfect with this outfit, because it gives a lighter look for the outfit.

this gold accessories that is neither the cardigan’s nor the pants color, can break the darkness of the look.

brown short boots with heel

The second look: i changed my shoes to wear a brown short boots with heel, this shoes  gives a classy look that you can wear it to  events, lunch or even dinner.


forever 21 outfit

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