Miss Pink and Miss Blue Outfits

Comfy Pink and Blue for summer  ( must have outfit in every closet )

pink color is for girls, but who said that blue is only for boys ( its a joke ) both colors are for both genders.

Comfy outfits become an essential piece at each and every closet this year ,especially for girls wearing hijab with a hot summer days.

i selected below outfits that are -ready to go- look, means that a full one colored outfit you can wear any hijab color or type that fits. These outfits have a chic look if you wear a high heels with it , you can wear it on evening occasions ,birthdays,etc. while you can wear a shoes on it for a daily casual look.

Miss Pink Outfit

this outfit is multi-national , since i brought the wide pants from my first visit to Dubai, the white shirt is from Thailand while the blazer is from bershka from my last visit to Dubai. this means that if you really have the passion for fashion, you can match any outfit from any place , no need to buy it all once. I chose to wear the outfit and hijab with same color and they called me ( Miss Pinky). this outfit is more to chic look than the second outfit, so it is better to wear it always with a heel to look more classy, it is for occasions(engagement, dinner , event, etc).

pink outfit

Miss Blue Outfit

I brought this outfit from Dubai ,recently, this suit is available in many souks , or you can order it online. You can wear different hijab colors with it ( beige, white, nude pink,gray). i wore both heel and bag with the same color to match with my hijab, but you can also wear different heel(style and color) and bag color depends on your hijab and outfit color.



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