Create pattern to your Outfits

The Wide-leg pants, two scarves and

four tops 

it is interesting when you can match outfits as much as you can, since things tend to get boring fast. try to search in your wardrobe for outfits from different colors and textures. Strive to create your own pattern. Add your own touch.

It’s important to start as simple as possible . Then, take into consideration that outfit colors must complement each other. In addition, your outfit should be consisting of several different patterns of varying’re sure to be overwhelmed.

In this photo shoot I started each outfit with the pants as the base.

Contrast was a key in some outfits.

the first outfit , i used a Light shirt with Light blazer( @duo fashion). Light scarf (@hilalstyle1). dark bottom ( @forever21), and light shoes (@nine west).


the second outfit, i used a half white/ half black scarf (@pinkystyle) matching the same color of the top with a blazer (@h&m) that covered the solid colors of this outfit with the same pants.

the third outfit,  same scarf, shirt and pants as in the second outfit. But this time with a black vest so a light/dark top with a dark bottom.

the Last outfit, a light scarf, dark top with light shirt  and a dark bottom. it is a mixture of similar colors from the same bloodline. But i covered this solid outfit with the flowery top ( @zara).



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