All the year paint it black and white

Paint it black and white outfit

There are many reasons to follow the black and white trend.

  • Black and white are classic colors that can make you look oh so sophisticated.
  • both colors never ever go out of style .
  • you can wear both colors as a chic,casual or to the office outfit.

back to basics with some inspiration,let me know which look is your favorite.

black and white

Try for a blend of classy and upbeat by infusing some texture into your black and white outfit.

for example, the first outfit is a striped shirt with black skirt,so casual-classy outfit. try to to wear a black and white hijab for a better catchy style.

this outfit is my Comfy-Sportive outfit, i feel like i am wearing my freedom, it is so comfy , stylish , and trendy ( since it is black & white). i used to wear it with a running shoes , but this time i captured it in different way (with a sandals).


the last outfit is my FAV. But, you have to wear a t-shirt, shirt, and vest in order to get this look. it is so classy if you wear it with black, white,nude or red heels( i prefer black heels).


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